Hard Armor


Barrday offers an extensive range of high performance solutions for hard armor applications in the ground vehicle, aerospace, marine, helmet and plate markets. Our portfolio includes fabrics, prepregs, film laminates and uni-directional materials utilizing aramid, structural glass and polyethylene fiber and both thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems. Our solutions are developed to provide the best possible survivability solution based on your requirements for specific protection levels, total solution weight and cost. In addition to custom solutions, we provide standard products that meet existing military specifications.


Specific applications include:

  • Up-armoring and spall liners for ground vehicles and marine applications

  • Seat armor, cockpit and floor armor for aircraft and rotorcraft 

  • Military, law enforcement and commercial helmets

  • Plates, panels and shields meeting NIJ standards 


A summary of our product portfolio is included in our hard armor brochure