Coating, Laminating and Prepreg

Barrday operates multiple vertical and horizontal coating, as well as lamination lines for the manufacture of woven fabric and unidirectional prepreg materials. Our materials and resin formulations are tailored to meet your requirements in multiple composite and hard armor markets. We have the flexibility to handle widths ranging from 12 to 86 inches (0.3 to 2.2m). 

We specialize in the conversion of high performance fabrics and fibers including aramid, carbon, e-glass and structural glass into prepreg with our thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems. We have the capability to manufacture prepreg with both solvent and hot-melt based resin systems, including phenolic and epoxy. These resins are reacted and mixed in-house or through our partner, Schwartz Chemical.

Our prepreg manufacturing capabilities are listed below: 

Manufacturing Capability

Solvent and Hot-melt Based Film

Unidirectional and Fabric Prepreg

One-sided and Dip Coating

Thermoplastic Powder Coating

Multi-web Lamination

Reinforcement (Fiber/Fabric)



SM/IM Carbon



Custom substrates

Resin Systems

Fire Retardant Epoxy

Toughened Epoxy

Low Smoke/Toxicity Phenolic

PVB Phenolic

High Temp. Thermoplastic


Custom formulations