Barrday is a leading supplier of composite material solutions to the global aircraft interiors market. Our materials are used in a variety of interior applications including bins, galleys, lavatories, seating and flooring. Our growth has been driven by the development of a unidirectional and fabric-based phenolic and epoxy prepreg portfolio tailored to surpass the demanding fire and smoke toxicity requirements of incumbent materials.  We are qualified with multiple products on a number of OEM and aftermarket programs with leading tier one manufacturers. 


We offer aerospace-grade unidirectional thermoplastic tapes and fabric semi-preg for both structural aerospace and aircraft interior applications.  Our slit and standard width thermoplastic tape offering is based on carbon fiber and high temperature thermoplastic polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI and PPS.  Our fabric semi-preg is available in multiple carbon, aramid and glass substrates with a similar range of polymers. 


A summary of our product portfolio is included in our composite brochure