Unidirectional Manufacturing

Barrday is a technology leader in the design and development of unidirectional materials for the protective market. Leveraging our manufacturing and design expertise, we offer a growing portfolio of aramid and high molecular weight polyethylene ballistic unidirectional material based on our proprietary resin formulations for soft and hard armor applications. These products are offered up to 63” (1.6m) widths and consist of two or four layers of cross-plied unidirectional product in a 0°/90° configuration. 

In addition, we are a leading supplier of thermoplastic tape for advanced composite applications in the aerospace, defence, energy and industrial markets.  Our technology is designed for the manufacture of low porosity, aerospace-grade tapes up to 24” (0.6m) in width utilizing high temperature thermoplastic polymers including PEKK, PEEK, PEI, PVDF, PPS and various PA grades. We can also handle a variety of fibers and currently specialize in converting carbon, structural glass, aramid and ceramic fibers. We offer tapes in multiple slit widths.