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Barrday introduces a new UD (Uni-directional) material for use in Soft Body Armor applications

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: BarrFlex(TM) U480 is an advanced para-aramid unidirectional material for soft armor ballistic applications. Barrday BarrFlex(TM) U480 consists of two plies of unidirectional product, cross-plied in 0°/90° configuration. Our proprietary UD technology aligns the fibers in each layer in a parallel direction. Each layer is individually constructed within a resin matrix. Thermoplastic film is laminated to the top and botom surfaces for abrasion resistance Read more....

Released February 3, 2014

Barrday is an advanced material solutions company whose product lines encompass applications for the composite, energy and protective markets. Its growth strategies are based on developing technologically advanced solutions for our customers, including fiber reinforcements, prepregs & laminates, coating adhesives and core materials. Barrday is the COMPLETE SOURCE for your advanced materials solutions.